Off-Day Watch, 2/17: All the Kempe, All the Time

How about we talk about anything other than that game?

That game last night was, well, I have nothing nice to say so I will say nothing on it at all. The recap is up - and quite good - so if you missed the game or want to vent, head on over and let loose.

The most exciting event last night was the debut of Adrian Kempe, who played on Anze Kopitar’s left wing. His performance was good, all things considered, and his speed a welcome addition to the roster. Combined with the development of Kevin Gravel and Paul LaDue, we could be looking at real additions to the roster if all three are able to stick. Check out Kempe’s wheels here...

...and here...

...and come back to reality here.

Darryl Sutter’s postgame comments on Kempe were expected and in my mind quite accurate. Kempe showed real talent last night but there were moments - particularly in the corners - where he seemed to hope the puck would pop loose instead of working to claim it. These are issues that have plagued him in Ontario - check out Mike Stother’s commentary on Kempe from February 10 - and he’ll have to work them out if he is to stay on the Kings’ roster long-term.

2/16 Game Highlights

Sidney Crosby earned his 1,000th point last night with an assist, and it really is worth a watch. For all the skill Crosby displays night to night, his sheer physical dominance is what often stands out. Poor Blake Wheeler.

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