Los Angeles Kings Sign D Zach Trotman to One-Year Deal

LA's second signing of the day is cheaper AND has more upside than their first. Can he crack the lineup?

Room for one more? Why not?

Shortly after adding a defenseman whose best days are probably behind him, the Los Angeles Kings took a flyer on a defenseman whose best days are probably ahead of him, Zach Trotman.

Trotman made his NHL debut in 2013-14, then played about a third of the season in 2014-15 and half the season in 2015-16. Interestingly, Trotman's most common defensive partner has been Zdeno Chara, and last season he spent almost 75% of his even strength minutes next to Chara. Naturally, Trotman was better with Chara than without him, but even without Chara he was pulling a 52% Corsi For. Trotman's window was opened by injuries, but with ten other defensemen suiting up for Boston last year, it eventually got too crowded, and Boston only played him twice in their final 24 games. (Read more on his 2015-16 season from Stanley Cup of Chowder.)

It remains to be seen whether Trotman can crack a similarly crowded rotation in LA, but the 6'3" defenseman has enough versatility and potential to warrant a shot at training camp. At $650,000 it's worth the gamble.