Kings Waive Defenseman Tom Gilbert

This after placing Matt Greene on injured reserve.

Defenseman Tom Gilbert has been placed on waivers.

Gilbert appeared in eighteen games for the Los Angeles Kings, picking up a goal, four assists, and a three-game suspension in his tenure. If you want evidence of how he fell out of favor in Los Angeles: he played 7 games in October, 6 games in November, 4 games in December, and just 1 game in January.

The move makes sense when considering that Kevin Gravel and Brayden McNabb have grabbed a hold of the 5/6 spots on the blueline, but it makes less sense given that Matt Greene was placed on injured reserve, just yesterday. LA is now without a seventh defenseman, although based on the schedule, they have until Saturday to call one up or trade for one. And maybe there is a bigger move down the line.

I think this underscores the trouble with a day like the one LA had on July 1: there’s nothing wrong with trying to hit singles instead of home runs, but some days you just go 0-for-5. I will admit that I was pleased with Lombardi’s signings if the plan was to go small, but plain and simple, none of them have panned out. At all.

The Kings will face Colorado tonight with their top six as set as it’s ever been. After that? Hope Dean has something in mind.