Meanwhile, relaxing in the Mule Capital of the World...

Carlyle's vaction is over + 30 Thoughts | Hockey | CBC Sports

Randy Carlyle took his vacation. Now he's ready to go back to work. "For sure," he said Sunday (a day before the Kings job opened) when asked if he was ready to coach again. "Without a doubt. I think I have something to offer." [...]

Even though Carlyle coached the Ducks to the 2007 Stanley Cup championship, it isn't an uncommon belief that some of his best work came last year. Anaheim charged to fourth in the Western Conference, despite losing its No. 1 goalie to vertigo. As for critiques that Carlyle can be too tough on players, well, Ken Hitchcock isn't always a favourite for the Wally Cleaver Award. And, look what's happening in St. Louis. If anything, that makes it even more likely that Carlyle's shot could come quickly. [...]

In the meantime, he spent some time relaxing in a small California city called Bishop - the "Mule Capital of the World," according to Wikipedia. "I wanted to make sure I had some time to look back, think about what happened...and why it happened," he said. So, now that you've had some perspective, what do you think? "That's something I'm not going to share," Carlyle said. "I'm not going to throw stones. A lot of great things happened in Anaheim and that's what I'm going to remember. It was a great experience." Won't be long until he'll have a new one.



4. Sounds like Lombardi really gave it to the players, blaming them for the firing. "He was very upset," said one.