Memo to Ilya: READ THIS

Ilya Kovalchuk… An Islander? | Bourne's Blog
DON’T think that Ilya Kovalchuk is going to suddenly make the Islanders a premier team. The d-corps is still too weak, and the forwards depth is still too shallow. But I DO think he probably adds four or five wins to the Islanders total, which could be what they need to get back into the playoffs.

Ya hear that? This is what actual informed Islanders fans (and this guy is both an ex-player and the son of a prominent ex-Islander) thinks of the Islanders' chances with you in the line-up. If they're lucky, they might even possibly make the playoffs? Of course, by the time that happens, it may be with a different owner, or a different arena (which you will be funding with your presence), or even in a different town...

Note: the team you left was three games out of the playoffs. The Islanders were five games out. Yes, they're worse.