For the Philadelphia Media: A Gameday Story with Mike Richards Quotes

Mike Richards did not talk to the Philadelphia media this morning. We want to help them out.

This morning, the Los Angeles Kings skated at the Wells Fargo Center in advance of tonight's game against the Philadelphia Flyers. Reporters were looking forward to talking to former Flyers Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, but while Carter spoke with the media, Mike Richards did not.

The Philadelphia beat, predictably, was not pleased.

The good news is, we found some quotes from Mike Richards! As a result, I've written the article that Philadelphia reporters weren't be able to write. Sources for the quotes are at the bottom of the article.

Mike Richards Has Moved On

After today's morning skate, Mike Richards was ready to talk about hockey.

It's been almost three years since Mike Richards left the Flyers organization in a blockbuster summer trade, one that ended an era in Philadelphia and started a new one in Los Angeles. Since then, Richards has won a Stanley Cup with the Kings, but Philadelphia is riding high thanks to the offensive contributions of Wayne Simmonds and Brayden Schenn. Richards isn't dwelling on the past, though.

"Nothing you can do about it now.... just move on." (1) One reporter asked if Richards was happy the trade had happened, and though he deflected that question, he mentioned that he was happy Jeff Carter had come along. "We have good chemistry. It's been there for a while and it seems that we have success when we play with each other." (2) When asked why the Philadelphia media seemed to have a negative perception of Richards and Carter, Richards simply answered, "It's ego more than anything... disappointment." (3)

The conversation soon moved to the Flyers. "They have some big guys, some skilled forwards, and solid defense," (4) explained Richards. He was impressed with Simmonds and Schenn, who moved the other way in that fateful deal, and highlighted their ability to score goals. "You can’t win in this league without scoring, it’s obvious." (5) Asked to explain further, he said, ""You need to score goals to win, that’s obvious." (6)

So do the Kings need Richards to chip in more on offense? Richards scored in the Kings' last game, and it was a welcome contribution from the struggling forward. But, as Richards emphasized, "it’s not easy to score goals. If it was, everyone would do it." (7) Richards was happy with the Kings' recent performances, though. "The focus is scoring goals without giving anything else up." (8) "We’ve shown flashes of playing well. We just have to maintain that." (9)

The player had spoken, and the Philadelphia media was happy. Meanwhile, Richards was simply looking forward to getting out on the ice. "It’s going to be a sprint to the finish, and it’s the most exciting time to play hockey." (10)


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