Nerdy Stats Update

Stats via Behind the Net (link in the right margin under stats).

Seven Kings have a PTS/60 (points per 60 minutes of icetime) above 2.0. They are: Kopitar (2.66), Smyth (2.59), Stoll (2.46), Parse (2.35), Williams (2.35), Simmonds (2.24), Jones (2.10).

GFON/60 (goals-for, while player is on the ice, per 60 minutes) leaders: Schenn (5.16), Smyth (4.18), Parse (3.52), Kopitar (3.39), SOD (3.28), Doughty (3.13), Simmonds (3.04), Jones (2.93).

QUALCOMP (quality of competition) leaders (descending order, three game minimum): Jones, Williams, Frolov, Brown, Kopitar, Doughty.

Players who have been on the ice for the most goals-against: Johnson (27), Frolov (18), Brown (18), Doughty (18).

Players who have not been on the ice for a goal-against: Moller, Loktionov, Segal.

Based on that, I would say Jones and Parse don't suck. Also, you expect JJ and Doughty to be on the ice for lots of goals against -- they get the big minutes against the best players -- but for Frolov and Brown to be at the top of the list (while not producing on the offensive side) is troubling.