Off-Day Watch 1/22: Fun with numbers

This is not the serious stats post you’re looking for.

Oh, sure, we can talk about yesterday’s win—the Kings did exactly what they’re supposed to do against another mediocre team, and that’s find a way to win. Sure, they shouldn’t have spotted the Blues a two-goal lead in the first place, but at least that way, we all got to experience the feel-good magic of a comeback win.

And with the All-Star break, followed by the Kings’ bye week approaching, we could kick things off with a look at the season to date, or an examination of what went wrong, or a sneak preview of some coaching options the Kings have in the future that aren’t named Willie Desjardins. We could look at possible trading partners or discuss the kinds of players the Kings should be targeting in the draft.


We could look at Adrian Kempe’s hair.

Now, you may not know me for my hard hitting statistical analysis, but every so often I like to surprise you all, and so today, I’ve done the work of reviewing hours and hours of game tape to come up with an important new statistic: Hair Flips/60.

The games have been reviewed and the numbers are in. Adrian Kempe leads the Kings in Hair Flips/60 by a significant margin. See, look, I even have a chart to back me up, and charts never lie:

Tyler Toffoli may have the curls, but since he’s started keeping them at a manageable, less flip-able length, someone’s had to come in strong for the Los Angeles All Hockey Hair Team, and that someone has been Adrian Kempe.

He could have had strong competition from fellow Swede Carl Hagelin, who’s no stranger to rocking some epic hair flips of his own, but the injury that kept Hagelin off of the ice also meant that he hasn’t had the same opportunity to show off his flow to capture the hearts and minds of the people.

The Kings may not be making the playoffs this year, but if they wanted to get real wild, they could all try to challenge Adrian Kempe for his significant lead in Hair Stats.

I’m putting my money on dark horse Derek Forbort, who seems just weird enough to be able to be goaded into growing his hair out.

Come on, Derek, take up the challenge.

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Evening Entertainment

The New York Islanders actually being good has to be one of the biggest surprises of the season. They take on the Chicago Blackhawks tonight at 5:30 pm Pacific. And while the Blackhawks aren’t particularly good, Alex DeBrincat continues to be one of the most exciting players to watch. The game will stream for free on