Berglund Can't Escape a Kopitar Beatdown Anywhere

His team is crushed by Anze yet again

What's 6'4" and gets its heart stomped by Anze Kopitar all the time?

Poor Patrik Berglund. Even when he goes back to play in his own country during the lockout, he can't escape.

The last time Bergund faced Kopitar, the Kings had kept him pointless and completed a sweep of his St. Louis Blues. After the 6-2 thrashing Mora put on his Västerås team yesterday, the hapless center must have had deja-vu.

Some highlights here (a little wobbly, but since Sweden's blocking video, we're grateful for them):

Though Berglund scored late when the game was already out of reach, Kopitar had a four point night. To make matters worse, he doesn't even seem to have kicked into full gear:

Berglund is a fine young player who probably has a bright future ahead. But that day, he must have rolled his eyes to the hockey gods and cried: "Not him again."