Postgame/Rank the Players: Quick Earns a SHUTOUT in Win Over Canes

Jonathan Quick makes 40 saves, Tyler Toffoli scores twice, and wait a minute we have a winning record

The wailing and gnashing of teeth has officially subsided in Los Angeles.

What did you think of each player on the Los Angeles Kings tonight? Give a thumbs up to any player who you thought did well, and a thumbs down to any player you thought had a rough game. (If you're not sure or if you thought a player was "eh", you can simply skip them.) The players will get ranked based on your votes. GO!

Best Kings of All Time

I'll spare you the postgame thoughts and let you vote on your own. I was thinking we might just need to leave Tyler Toffoli out of the ranking in fairness to the rest of the team, but tonight he's an underdog in the race for #1. Attaboy, Quickie.

Finally, good on the Kings (and the Flames, Oilers, and Islanders) for all their efforts to support #HockeyFightsCancer tonight. It's not too late to donate.