Postgame/Rank the Players: Yikes

The final game of LA's roadie did not go according to plan.

Toronto Maple Leafs 5, Los Angeles Kings 0. I bet you're excited to hand out thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs to the Kings!

Best American Hockey Players

Jonathan Bernier finally got his first win of the season after 11 tries, and even more amazingly, made it a shutout. It's debatable how much you can credit the Kings for that. Bernier made some superb stops, primarily on Marian Gaborik, who racked up eight shots but couldn't beat Bernier. On the other hand, the same players who have struggled to find the net all year (Lewis, Brown, Nolan, etc.) found themselves with numerous chances that they simply couldn't put away. Nolan came closest; he hit the post and was stopped on a breakaway. Still more than you can say for most of the forwards though.

More to come in the recap, including why Jhonas Enroth is going to have nightmares about Leo Komarov and