Quote of the day: mmm, rendering plant!

From a commenter in the last thread. I'm leaving his name off so he'll be safe from Google, at least as far as this post is concerned:

Rotten Eggs smell really REALLY bad. There used to be a duck farm off [location deleted] that was horrible (especially summer). But the all-time winner has to be the rendering plant in [location deleted in case he wants to work there again]. I've worked there a few times. You lose about 60% of your man-power until you build a full crew because most people vomit as soon as they get on-site and don't stop.

FYI - A rendering plant is a euphemism for a place where they pull dead animal bodies apart then bake the fat off and use it for broth/feed for animal foods. Oh, and I shouldn't forget the chicken s**t they add (yes, real chicken s**t). It's an amazing place everyone should tour with the family at least once.

Although I can agree with the stink analogy, even the "TM system" doesn't smell as bad as the rendering plant.

TM's system doesn't smell as bad as a rendering plant. I believe that's my new definition of damning with faint praise.