Rank the Players: Look at All These Scorers We Got!

LA 5, Chicago 0, as the Kings get quite a contribution from the players they've acquired over the past year.

In the middle of all the "What if Vincent Lecavalier doesn't retire?" half-joking, half-panicking... in the middle of all the annoyance at Milan Lucic's retaliation penalties... in the middle of wondering whether Kris Versteeg will manage to stay out of Darryl's doghouse... three of the newest Los Angeles Kings combined to give their team a long-awaited win in Chicago.

(OBLIGATORY NOTE: I can't stop you from giving every player a thumbs-up, so do whatever you want with this.)

Best NHL Goalies

Oh, and Dustin Brown and Tyler Toffoli broke their goal droughts!

The recap is going up shortly, so I'll spare you the analysis. I'll just leave it at: nothing like beating the Chicago Blackhawks in the United Center.