Series Special Teams Numbers Prior to Game 4

Given how many penalties have been called in the early games it looks like tonight's game is going to be tightly called by the refs. In preparation let's look at who have been the most effective special teams players in the series:


  • Martinez, Williams, Brown, and Stoll have been the top shot producers for the Kings PP.
  • No suprise then that they are the only ones who have been scoring on the PP
  • Martinez, Stoll, and Williams are all on the 2nd PP unit.
  • Kopitar, Richards and Doughty (the 1st unit essentially) are struggling.


  • The Canucks PP has been more effective in producing shots, yet no goals.
  • Their first unit is heavily outpacing their second. No surprise.

Now onto the PKs:


  • Burrows has been an incredible penalty killer. His Corsi on the PK is actually 0 so there have been as many shots attempted by the Canucks as the Kings when he is killing a penalty.
  • The Kings have been taking it to the young Tanev as well as Higgins and Pahlsson.


  • Brown, Kopitar, Lewis have been the keys to the PK.
  • Richards, Stoll, Mitchell and Carter have been giving up lots of attempts.