UPDATE: Winner announced! Sweepstakes: Win 2 Tickets to Ducks-Kings Stadium Series Game

The Kings and Ducks are playing hockey at Dodger stadium...welcome to the future.

UPDATE: And the randomly selected winner is rachelrebel. Congrats!

Tired of living your life knowing that you won't be able to attend the Kings-Ducks Stadium Series game? Well, now you may not have to!

We here at JFTC are holding a sweepstakes where you can win not just one but TWO free tickets to the upcoming Stadium Series game in beautiful Los Angeles, California.


When: Runs from now to 2 p.m. PST Monday, Jan. 20.

Am I eligible? Are you a legal U.S. resident, 18 or older, and not related to SB Nation people? Then you're eligible, most likely. (See the full rules here [PDF].)

How do I enter? Comment on this post! It's that easy. It can be any comment at all. (Obviously, if you break our guidelines it'll get moderated and you won't win.)

How do I win? Comments mentioning that we are your favorite blog on the internet will make us feel much better about ourselves, but unfortunately won't boost your chances in this contest. The winner will be chosen randomly by a computer. We will try to hold a contest in the future, however, where you can win by making us feel better about ourselves.

Also, if you like our newly created Facebook page and follow us on twitter, we will love you forever (although that won't help you win either).

How will I get them? If you are the lucky human being randomly selected, you will be contacted and then they will be overnighted to you after the conclusion of the contest.

Again, see the full rules here [PDF].

Something to talk about!

Just in case you want something to post other than "I should win because you are the best thing going on the internet today!" (sidenote: not sure why you would), let's try to come up with something for you to discuss down there....

And what better to discuss than lame trade rumors! Woohoo.

Anyhow, there is lots of talk out there about the Kings making a move for a left wing and/ or a defenseman.

We've argued in the past that the Kings defense is actually pretty solid and that they have some solid options in-house at wing (if they could only get the playing time). But, maybe the right move could really help get them over the hump?

Anyhow, what do you want the Kings to do. Make a move for a LW? A defenseman? Both? Something else (another goalie? are you nuts?)? Or do you just want them to stand pat and give the young guys a shot.

OK, let the madness begin! Good luck!