Happy-Go-Lucky Swede is a Ray of Sunshine

The back-story: the Chilliwack Bruins are moving and their fans are pissed.

Chilliwack Progress - Bruin billets swing between hope and heartache

Of the 15 or so speakers who grabbed the open microphone at last week’s ‘Save the Bruins’ rally[...], Lynne Goodwin was the one who seemed to be hit the hardest by this whole mess. Others were angry. Justifiably. She was sad. Her eyes glistened and she choked up once or twice as she talked about what she will miss the most if the Bruins leave. Goodwin has always billeted the older players because she lives on Chilliwack Mountain, removed from the high schools. [...]

Goodwin billeted Oscar Moller in her second year, describing the happy-go-lucky Swede as a ray of sunshine. "Oscar was the sweetest, most open and loving kid you could ever hope to meet," she said. "He is devastated about this. He thinks it sucks and he’s been very outspoken about it."

This would be a good time for Oscar to make me look good by scoring goals in bunches. I hope they keep him on a line with Dustin Penner, and not just for the George and Lenny comparison.