The Noon Number: 3.74

Jeff Carter has been shooting the puck a lot, and that's a good thing.

3.74 - Jeff Carter is averaging 3.74 shots on goal per game this season.

Last night, Jeff Carter attempted seven shots on goal, which led all players on either team. This has been a consistent pattern for Carter this year; he's currently averaging 3.74 shots on goal per game during 2013-14. How does this stack up against the rest of the NHL? Here are the ten most prolific shooters in the league this season.

Player Position Team Games Goals Shots on Goal Shots on Goal per Game Shot%
Alex Ovechkin L Capitals 68 46 351 5.16 13.1%
Evander Kane L Jets 55 17 222 4.04 7.7%
Rick Nash L Rangers 56 23 226 4.04 10.2%
Jeff Skinner C Hurricanes 60 26 235 3.92 11.1%
Phil Kessel C Maple Leafs 73 36 279 3.82 12.9%
Patrick Sharp R Blackhawks 72 30 273 3.79 11.0%
Jeff Carter C Kings 62 25 232 3.74 10.8%
Zach Parise L Wild 57 23 210 3.68 11.0%
Max Pacioretty L Canadiens 64 31 235 3.67 13.2%
Logan Couture C Sharks 57 19 209 3.67 9.1%

We harped on Jeff Carter last season for not shooting the puck enough. It looks like he's addressed this problem. Last year, he had an absurdly high shooting percentage of 19.5%, but because he's getting plenty of shots on goal this season, his goal rate has only dropped slightly.

Other notes:

  • Who's leading Kings' defensemen in shots per game? It's not Drew Doughty... it's Jake Muzzin.
  • What about shot percentage? You already know the answer to that one... the Kings' leader in that department is Alec Martinez.
  • Justin Williams is the next-highest King in shots per game. He's averaging almost exaclty one less shot on goal than Carter this season.
  • Ovechkin shoots a lot. Like, a LOT. He could take one fewer shot per game and still lead the league in shots per game. That's astounding, and that's also why he's going to be a league leader in goals every single season.