The Poetry of the HF Boards

I didn't get to look at the HF Boards on the topic of the Smyth trade until it was all wrapped up with a bow on it. Here are the first several pages of comments, with minimal editing to reduce "noise."

Holy ****ing ****!

So this is Deano's big move


isnt he supposed to be lombardi's favorite player?


I wonder what the Avs got?

lol eww

Holy crap.

oh my gracious


Dean Lombardi would be ran out of town.

I am guessing Jack Johnson

LoL this is the big name

Deano was talking about bringing in this offseason...?

lol...for JJ?

JMFJ and something else small.

don't think it's a good move for LA.

Obviously JJ+.

did he cry ?

I am scared

You and me both.

Say whaat?

Kings fans aint going to like this.

It's Ryan Smith and Liles to LA for Jack Johnson and Oscar Moller.

wow if they get Johnson from this, that would be a huge steal.

Handzus, Johnson and Priessing!?!?!?

Smyth and Brown on the left side, nice.

JJ for sure?

I love it.

Now Kings fans may actually realize how much they overrate their players.

Me scared.

hahaha awesome.

It sucks that Colorado pulled this off,

since they are in the division,

but it's pretty funny nonetheless.

Poor Kings!

Not a great move by the Kings.

Major credit to the Avs

Can it be safely assumed that JJ is the main piece going back?

JMFJ I would assume

I don't know why Kings fans are so pissed at the deal..

eklund STILL doesn t know it hapenned at this point

Oh **** yeah


Preissing, Quincey and a 5th?

**** that.

Better be more than that!

Amazing that LA managed to unload Preissing in that deal

Kings destroyed that deal.

sick deal for LA.

Priessing, Quincey, and a 5th?!

Colorado is trying to get Hall next season clearly.

I bet Jack Johnson is in the deal.

That's a spectacular trade for LA.

This makes me more angry

about what the Habs gave up for Gomez.

Holee crap.

I would've never dreamed

on being able to get a player like Smyth

for that tandem.

We got hosed!!!!


FINALLY, the JJ rumors could be put to rest!

Man Av's got hosed.


in febuary DL wanted Smyth

and COl was asking for JJ and Bernier in return.


The last thing we needed were a defenseman,

let alone TWO. We now have no top 6 LWs.


what the ****

screw this,

not happy as an Avs fan..

That's a horrible return on Smyth.

For a team that's low on forwards and goaltending depth,

you think they'd ask for forwards.

Or goaltending depth.

Just when I thought my Avs would stop

picking up Ottawa's discarded failures


this happens.


I'm depressed by this.

Preissing's better than Nycholat,

I guess.

Colorado is terrible at trading.


this team frustrates me.

a horrible deal for the Avs


I am really upset.

Tom freaking Preissing and a 5th rounder

that apparently is equivalent to a Turkey Sandwich (!) in value.

Avs get bent over

Well that was unexpected.