Toffoli (goal and assist), Penner (goal) YAY -- jerseys BOO

Come on. Look at 'em. I'm not even going to comment that they're not -- um -- slimming. The elbow bands crossing the pin-striping looks worse in white than it does in black, and it's jarring in black. The Gretzky-era silver/black bands (elbow and waist) are over-large and doofussy. The logo is, as we all have discussed a million times, a blight. And, seriously, doesn't this look exactly like the uniform a movie studio would design for a fictitious "bad guy" team in a hockey movie, where they want to suggest the actual LA Kings without getting sued. All those uniforms in sports movies look so counterfeit, but not more than this one.

These white jerseys looked better lying on Luc's couch, and they looked okay on the players when they weren't wearing pads. Didn't they test them on players in a game situation and look at them from the stands?

Even the Kings practice jerseys are a huge step up.

Maybe these stupid jerseys are at the heart of Doughty's hold-out. "If only the whole story would come out..."