Town Crier: Your Kings News Roundup (4/16/12)

Fun fact: when the Kings are up 3-0 in a playoff series (something that hasn't happened in almost any of our lifetimes), everything is better. Those birds that are usually just chirping? Now they're singing! That guy at work who tries way too hard to be "wacky" all the time and usually just ends up annoying the crap out of you? Now all of his jokes are the funniest thing you've ever heard! And those Canucks fans whining about the Kings putting a video of Olympic divers on their screen because it's "classless" (and on the topic, learn a new insult Vancouver, sheesh)? Now they're....well.....they're still wrong, but you don't care! Because we're up 3-0!

Celebratory links in honor of our awesomeness follow after the jump!

Game 3 Recaps

  • Helene Elliott starts us off at the LA Times with a breathless love letter to Dustin Brown that doubles as her Game 3 recap, and who can blame her? It's rare to see a player who has gotten an avalanche of great press and yet deserves every last bit, but that's Brown. He's been that good. Kopitar gives us the new greatest understatement of all-time: when acknowledging the Brown trade rumors, he felt the need to throw in "I'm glad he didn't (get traded)". Yeah. Me too Kopi! [LA Times]
  • Here's Rich Hammond's post-game notes, full of fun facts like "This is the first time the Kings are up 3-0 in a playoff series", "This is the first time an 8 seed is up 3-0 in a first-round playoff series", and "Hahaha seriously guys did you hear that the Kings are actually up 3-0 in this series?". [Kings Insider]
  • Fox Sports West focuses on the historic aspect behind all this, and gives some much-deserved credit to the LA defense corps. As great as Quick played in Game 3, and he was great don't get me wrong, more credit needs to go to guys like Mitchell & Scuds who seemed to get their sticks in the way of about a million different Canucks shots last night. [FS West]
  • Once again for those of you who get tired of having to actually read things, All the Kings Men has you covered with a quick-and-dirty 18-minute podcast recapping Game 3. The vague sound of disbelief in all of their voices pretty much covers it, I think. [AtKM]
  • Nucks Misconduct has your opposition viewpoint, which spends a curious amount of time discussing things on the LA Kings video board. Yeah, I dunno. They don't like being called divers, for some reason. Hey did you guys know that Dustin Brown occasionally dives too? I had no idea. [NM]
  • Keeping it to the opposition viewpoint theme, Pass it to Bulis (the Vancouver Sun's Canucks blog) has a much more fun recap. I don't know if the author is just losing his mind due to the Canucks collapse or what, but he works in about the same number of really obscure references as you'd get in a 20-minute conversation with a hipster. "Let's see....okay, worked in a Minesweeper reference, how about Kill Bill? Nailed it!". [PitB] /

Other Kings News

  • Ask a stupid question..... [Battle of Cali]
  • So remember all that "Daniel Sedin is done for the series" stuff? Yeah, well, apparently going down 0-3 trumps long-term health concerns. Who knew? [Vancouver Sun]
  • The National Post brings you five ways the Kings have destroyed the Canucks. Way #1: Twitter. Okay, this is already awesome. [NP]

Other NHL News

  • So apparently that Penguins-Flyers game yesterday was a little bit crazy. If you want to laugh for a long time, go watch Sidney Crosby's post-game interview. Oh and there was a Hulk Hogan appearance. That damn bandwagon Hulkster showed up on the Flyers video screen after he showed up on the Pens screen earlier in the same season. [Broad Street Hockey] [Pensburgh]
  • The Predators pulled out a huge win on the road in Detroit to take a 2-1 series lead. I know the advanced stat guys are annoyed by the Preds' continued success, but I can't bring myself to root for Detroit, sorry. [On the Forecheck] [Winging it in Motown]
  • Finally wrapping up yesterday's non-Kings Game 1 action, apparently the Panthers and the Devils played a hockey game yesterday. I would like to tell you I know absolutely anything about this game other than the final score, but I'd be lying. But hey! That's what the links are for, because presumably these guys watched it! Hopefully! Maybe! [Litter Box Cats] [In Lou We Trust]
  • Tonight: Game 3s all around! #1 New York Rangers vs. #8 Ottawa Senators (4:30 pm PST/CNBC), #2 Boston Bruins vs. #7 Washington Capitals (4:30 pm PST/NBCSN), #2 St. Louis Blues vs. #7 San Jose Sharks (10 pm PST/NBCSN).

The "Hahaha, What?" Tweet of the Day!

I kind of love this Tweet. Dustin Brown's a pussy, and for some reason our friend is REALLY EXCITED about it. YEAH!!!!!!