Town Crier: Your Kings News Roundup (5/31/12)

News and notes after Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals...

Breaking: Bob Miller Update

"If the Kings win the Cup, you might hear Bob Miller call it." It would be taped rather than live, but oh my gosh! I want this to happen more than I can say. [Los Angeles Times]

Game 1 Reactions

Three quality recaps: Helene Elliott [Los Angeles Times], Bruce Arthur [National Post], and Pierre LeBrun [ESPN]

Quisp’s entertaining running commentary/postgame bullets: "Why does Pierre McGuire have to be between the benches? They should just put him in a plexiglass box and dangle him over the ice on cables." [McSorley’s Stick]

Coverage from New Jersey naturally searches for a bright side: "It took far too long, but from the third period on, the Devils looked like the dominant team that chased the Rangers out of the conference finals five days ago on this same ice." Oh really? [NJ Star-Ledger]

James Mirtle, in a refreshing change of pace, points out that the Kings had a clear edge in shot attempts and possession. Be sure to check out the shot timeline. [Globe and Mail]

The Devils know they need to execute better. That makes four different opponents who have said that after dropping Game 1. [Fire and Ice]

Howard Berger’s photo journal documenting the experience inside the arena. [Berger Bytes]

Players review the quality of the ice, and...let's just go with "atrocious." [LA Kings Insider]

More news, Colin Fraser, and a beard investigation after the jump...

It's Colin Fraser Day

Colin Fraser blogs for "[My wife] was actually with me earlier in the day, and she said, ‘Let's go for a career high tonight and get two points, and maybe get that second playoff point.’ After getting that goal on my second or third shift, I think I still owe her one." [Player’s Perspective]

Fraser began his career as a journalist in very his own locker room, tracking down the Kings’ best and worst playoff beards. Don’t miss this old gem. Players appear to call Penner a lumberjack chipmunk.

Other NHL News

The seemingly ageless Nicklas Lidstrom, winner of multiple Stanley Cups and Norris Trophies, announced the end of his stellar career in Detroit today. Talk about an awe-inspiring defenseman. [Puck Daddy]

The NHL and the Players Association are finally going to discuss the next Collective Bargaining Agreement. Pretty late in the game – the clock is ticking. [SB Nation]

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the Cup for the day, just like the players who get to win it? Answer: about as thrilling as you imagine. Picture ecstatic joy and pure elation everywhere you go. [ESPN The Magazine]

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We’ll leave you with a picture worth a thousand cheers: the net cam shot of Kopitar’s Game Winner [@LAKings]