Tyler Toffoli Appears at Kids' Choice Sports Awards, Shoots Pucks at Nick Cannon

Boy, the offseason is long, isn't it?

Over the past year or two, Tyler Toffoli has turned into the Nicolas Cage of the Los Angeles Kings. He pops up everywhere, he (probably) never turns down a gig, and he seems to be having a good time, doesn't he? He's built a reputation as LA's main man in the community, especially with captain Anze Kopitar back in Slovenia, and he made a slightly higher-profile appearance than usual on Nickelodeon on Sunday night.

The Nick Kids' Choice Sports Awards are held in Los Angeles every year, and at this year's Russell Wilson-hosted event, Toffoli got to show some kids his wrister. A more unwilling participant? Goaltender Nick Cannon, who was eventually tied to the posts like Milhouse so Toffoli could shoot a Kids' Choice Award off his head. After knocking off a piece of the trophy on his first try, Toffoli aimed a little lower the second time. See the whole video here.

Thoughts, Nick?

Nick Cannon Hates Tyler Toffoli

And the offseason rolls on!