NHL News: We're probably in for another four weeks of the world's stupidest, most illogical lockout

Bill Daly thinks there will still be a season. He would like you to become all aflutter with hope instead of wondering why the league and the NHLPA aren't back in talks.

Bill Daly came out and said what fans had already figured out for themselves -- the drop-dead date for a 48 game season is mid-January. Unfortunately, that means there's about a month left for stupid posturing.

The players are in the process of voting on a disclaimer of interest. It would effectively dissolve the union and leave them free to file lawsuits. Lawsuits by both the NHL and the NHLPA would move too slowly to resolve the issue; the main pressure point would still be time.

Despite what Daly and Bettman keep saying, any outside observer can see the biggest issues are settled. Any way you slice it, the league's side is coming out ahead. If I'm an owner, I'm beginning to question whether the league is correctly identifying "hills it must die on" -- and whether or not emotion is getting in the way of a solid business deal.

The NHL needs the union to exist. Just deal with it.

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I'll end with one note -- if anyone proclaims that one side is on the path to a slam-dunk legal victory, don't believe them. There isn't enough precedent for this mess.