What I Have Instead of a Morning Paper (clips and links)

Lawton: Report of Rangers contacting Tampa Bay about Lecavalier "completely false" | Lightning Strikes
The Ottawa Sun reported Sunday, citing an unnamed league source, that Rangers GM Glen Sather contacted Tampa Bay GM Brian Lawton in an effort to spark trade talks for Lecavalier, the Lightning captain who has a no-trade clause. That report, according to Lawton, is "completely false." Lawton laughed and said he hasn't even spoken to Sather in weeks. "He hasn't contacted me to inquire about that," Lawton said. "That absolutely did not happen."

This is Bull - Battle of California
What the fuck, SBNation? I thought we were cool. In case you haven't noticed, apparently SBNation thinks that one Kings blogger just isn't good enough and has added 2 more. They can be read at Jewelsfromthecrown.com (what kind of name is that?) and they are vastly inferior to me. The two bloggers are Connie Kim and Quisp, who are a tiny Asian woman and a giant purple Kool-Aid Man, respectively.

Video: Patrice Cormier's elbow could lead to criminal charges - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Apparently a wannabe-Chris Pronger(notes)-in-training, Cormier and his elbows were at it again Sunday afternoon as he played in just his third game with the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies since being traded from the Rimouski Oceanic two weeks ago.

The Hockey News: Power Rankings -- East-West divide
By our quick math, there’s a chance roughly 84 points will be good enough to punch a ticket to the post-season in the Eastern Conference this spring.  Last year it took 93 points and the eighth seed hasn’t been held by anybody with less than 92 points since play resumed after the lockout. The West, which has housed better teams top to bottom seemingly forever now, could see a team as good as Detroit miss out on playoff action, as the Kings currently sit one spot ahead of the Wings in eighth place and are on pace for about 97 points.

Dean Lombardi: Jack Johnson Is Learning His Craft…Belatedly " Frozen Royalty
"This guy has never had any coaching [at the University of Michigan]," Lombardi said. "Jack just did what he wanted." "Michigan is the worst." Lombardi added. "For hockey people, if you’ve got a choice between a kid—all things being equal—one’s going to Michigan and one’s going to Boston University, you all want your player [going to Boston University]. Michigan’s players—[head coach] Red [Berenson] doesn’t coach. It’s ‘do what you want.’ He gets the best players in the country."

Bob Ford: With win, Flyers bail out petulant captain | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/20/2010
They put the captain's C right there on the jersey, and in hockey, it is actually supposed to mean something. One thing it means is that when things aren't going well, that letter becomes a bull's-eye. The captain, more than the other players, has to answer for a team's occasional failings. He has to take more responsibility for getting his teammates ready to play, as if that small block letter could actually accomplish it.

CBCSports.ca - Blogs - Should the NHL consider microphones on referees?
Dean Lombardi told The Los Angeles Times he wouldn’t trade for Kovalchuk as a rental. It’s a smart choice and it shows how Lombardi’s been given total authority to run the team.

Changes coming after trouncing in San Jose - Flames Insider
he really seemed to be dumfounded that his team could throw such a stinker and was truly stuck for an explanation. It wasn’t just one player, it was an entire team. Some sort of change is coming, of that you can be sure. In fact, you have to wonder if one or two players haven’t played their way onto the trade winds.

Alexander Frolov Creates Dilemma For Dean Lombardi " Frozen Royalty
"Our problem under this new system [with the salary cap], is OK, I can’t pay you as a forty-goal scorer," Lombardi explained. "I’m not sure I can pay you as a thirty-goal scorer. I like you, even if you stay the same, I think I can win a [Stanley] Cup for you in this role. But if a player has to get X amount of dollars, he has to fill [the] role [that fits that dollar amount]." "That’s the quandary as a manager—there was an article today about all the guys making $9 million," Lombardi elaborated. "If you’re making $9 million you have to be the leader, you have to carry the ball, score—you have to be everything." "Do I like the guy? Yeah, but I don’t like him at $9 million because I’m not getting all those things. Using that philosophy as we move down the line, do I like him at $5 million? Well, I’ve got to have this and this. Do I like him at $3 million? Yeah, because I only need this."

Admirals Look To Turn Things Around On The Road - OurSports Central
The story in Manchester all season has been goaltending as Jonathan Bernier (18-10-4, 2.01, .939) and Jeff Zatkoff (8-4-0, 2.22, .934) have been spectacular. Rookie center Corey Elkins leads the Monarchs in goals (13) and points (29). The Monarchs have points in five of their last seven games (3-2-0-2) including a 4-1 home victory against Hartford last night.

McKeen's Hockey Prospects - Blades of Glory
McKeen's: Did you do anything in the off-season to help prepare you for this year? Nicholls: I took the step of working out with some top players like Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins and Colten Teubert of the Regina Pats who have shown me a little bit of what it takes to succeed at the next level, as far as off-ice training goes. It's definitely opened my eyes watching them and training with those guys at what I have to do to reach the next level.