Whew!; Kings 2, Predators 0

So the Los Angeles Kings got their heads on straight and pulled a shutout win over the Nashville Predators, and all is calm. Or is it?

The Kings were somewhat back on their game last night and finally got a win over the Preds, which only took two years. This is seriously the only matchup that I can never figure out. Why is this team the only one the Kings can't figure out? In any case, this match up is over until next season (hopefully).

At this point, I think the big questions on everyone's minds are regarding the netminders. Jonathan Bernier was in net for this win and he's back with the team in LA. I can only guess what's going to happen for the rest of the season and where Erik Ersberg is going to sit, but Jonathan Quick doesn't have anything to worry about since he's been the man since the start of the season. So I'm basically left just hanging out and waiting; I'm sure it'll be announced that the goalie selection will be on a game-by-game basis. Gotta choose the most non-controversial statement so as not to scare all those bandwagon fans who want everyone on the Kings fired. [Side note, here's a nice post from View From My Seats about Quick and fatherhood from the eyes of a fan.]

By the way, the cluster of three Kings in front of Bernier for the last shift of the game was questionable for me. Maybe it was because the Kings were going to win anyway, but seeing Freddie Modin, Jeff Halpern, and Randy Jones there did not make me relaxed in the least bit. You couldn't have put at least one competent person there? I'm not saying these players are terrible; it's just I'd rather have Drew Doughty or Matt Greene there in place of Jones.

So from here, the Kings have six games left with only one I'm truly confident they'll win (April 10th versus Edmonton). The two against Anaheim I'm lukewarm on, and Vancouver, Phoenix, Colorado will all be interesting. I'm thinking they'll go 3-2-1 for the remaining games.