Who ARE these guys? What do they WANT? (game #2 preview)

Who are they? Calgary Flames.

What do they want? A win.

What's their ****ing problem? Injured: Ales Kotalik, David Moss, Matt Stajan, Ryan Stone, (maybe) Raitis Ivanans. Also, the fish stinks from the head.

Who the **** do they think they are? (IN) Olli Jokinen, Alex Tanguay, Brendan Morrison, Ivanans, Tim Jackman, Stone, Stefan Meyer, Henrik Karlsson. (OUT) Eric Nystrom, Chris Higgins, Jamal Mayers, Nigel Dawes, Vesa Toskala.

What, are we supposed to be scared? Kings haven't won in Calgary in a million years.

I thought we were friends! Ex-Kings: Craig Conroy, Ivanans, Jokinen, Jackman.

Yeah, well, wait till they get a load of: Jonathan Bernier makes his first start of the year.

Oh, stole their diary.