Who Leads the Kings in GFON/60 (Goals-For While On Ice Per 60 Minutes of Ice-time)?

  1. Parse 3.4
  2. Simmonds 3.36
  3. Smyth 3.33
  4. Kopitar 3.14
  5. Jones 3.02

What about +-/60?

  1. Simmonds
  2. Stoll
  3. SOD
  4. Parse
  5. Segal


  1. Parse 1.02
  2. Stoll 0.95
  3. Kopitar 0.95
  4. Williams 0.95
  5. Frolov 0.92
  6. Simmonds 0.84
  7. Richardson 0.63

And here's an interesting one. One of the stats behindthenet reports is "zone starts" which describes who is out for face-offs in which zones. Players who are defensive liabilities get more starts in the offensive zone. Players who are counted on for defense get more starts in their own zone. Who leads the Kings, by far, in terms of lowest % of offensive zone starts (i.e. the one who Terry Murray seems to put out in defensive situations most exclusively)?

Brandon Segal.

Followed by Richardson, Scuderi, Handzus, SOD, Drewiske and Greene, i.e. the defense-first guys.