Williams 1, TBL 0; PostGame Bullets

  • Justin Williams' backhand-reverse-forehand move on that goal was of course amazing, as I'm sure everyone is saying today. But what about that Gretzky-esque pass from Smyth? My favorite part of it was Smyth's quick little head-fake that went with the pass. Actually, I just realized where I've seen that head-fake before: Magic Johnson.
  • Williams is on a 41-goal pace; Brown, 34; Jarret Stoll, 27; Anze Kopitar, Ryan Smyth, Wayne Simmonds and Brad Richardson, 21.
  • I do think the defenseman threw his stick on the Kopitar breakaway. He just disguised it well enough to get away with it.
  • Parse looked better than I thought he would after a month and a half on the so-called shelf.
  • Quick = great. And I was very impressed with his stretching.
  • Randy Jones saved a goal in the second period on a Dustin Brown quasi-breakaway. Great play.
  • Mattias Ohlund hit on Brown. Has to be a suspension for that.
  • Ryan Malone was running people all night. I was waiting for him to be Clifforded.
  • Steve Downie: (1) was faking on the Doughty hit; (2) should have gotten a charge when he missed Doughty in the corner; (3) deserves whatever he gets. Here's a trip down memory lane.