You mean like these?

The Hockey News: Headlines: Fresh faces gather for picture day, with rookie cards another step toward NHL
TORONTO - During his peak years as a collector, between the ages of eight and 13, Brayden Schenn earned a fresh pack of NHL trading cards every time he registered a hat trick in minor hockey. His mother bought them from a local convenience store as a reward, and she ended up buying more than a few for Brayden and his older brother, Luke. Brayden was always on the lookout for a Pavel Bure, while Luke hunted for the newest Peter Forsberg card. "I haven't touched them in probably five years," Brayden said with a smile Wednesday. "There's a lot of good cards, actually."

Read the whole article. There's a nice picture of all the rookies in their NHL uniforms. And Brayden, about those cards: