You think that check was low, because it was kinda sorta maybe in the neighborhood of the knee?

Here's a youtube compilation of hip checks. It's the first one that comes up if you search for "hipcheck." There are about fifty hipchecks shown here. Watch them and apply the absurd Scuderi/Chimera criteria to them. How many do you think are within a couple inches of the knee, right above the knee, or whatever descriptor you prefer for the Scuderi check? Um, MOST OF THEM. If you limit your data set to "classic" hipchecks (i.e. excluding the forward's version of a hipcheck where you kinda stick your hip out and catch someone in the stomach or on the hip), then ALL OF THEM are punishable if the Scuderi check is punishable. But they're not punishable. Because they're legal checks. And have been for 100 years.

YouTube - The Hipcheck.

This is all about how Chimera landed. But look at how the receivers of all those hip-checks landed. They were in more control of their bodies. Whether or not Chimera is in control of his body post-check is not Scuderi's fault. And in any case, as I have said a million times now, the low hit issue is a red-herring. It's the face into the ice that's freaking people out, and that has nothing to do with whether the hit was low or not.