You Want to Know How Good Loktionov is?

Jimmy LoktionovHe's so good, that, while I'm refreshing the OHL scoring leaders page, his point totals are literally going up by the second. This would be due to the two third period goals he just scored to give Windsor a 3-1, then 4-1 lead in game 4 of their playoff series. I went to the site to check the score. It was 2-1. I checked the score sheet. No goals or points for Loktionov. I went to the OHL scoring leaders site. He's got 30 points. I looked away. Refreshed. Weird, he's got 31 points. I go back to the game score sheet. Sure enough, he scored. I go back to the Scoring Leaders page. He's got 31 points. I hit refresh. Suddenly, 32 points. I'm starting to feel crazy. I go back to the game score sheet. No change. I figure it's a glitch. I refresh it. Now they're showing the second goal. I love that the OHL scoring leaders page appears to update in real time.

Go Jimmy! (I better go back to see if he's completed the hat trick -- though I probably just jinxed it...)