You Won't Know What Loktionov's Injury Is Until He's Examined by a Doctor

Monarchs' coach Mark Morris's opinion (he's hurt and it's not trivial) carries some weight, because he's seen injuries before, but he didn't say wrist and he certainly didn't say shoulder, so anything beyond the words he actually used ("done for the season") doesn't mean anything.

Ian Clark Monarchs hockey blog - New Hampshire Union Leader

The initial report on Andrei Loktionov’s injury is not good. Manchester Monarchs coach Mark Morris said after the game that he thought Loktionov was done for the season. The injury appeared to be to his wrist

Because he was holding his wrist.

with the way Loktionov left the ice, but there was some speculation based on the play (a hit along the boards) that it could have been a re-aggrevation of the shoulder injury that forced him to miss time at the start of last season.

"There was some speculation"? Based on the fact that he was hit against the boards? That's just gibberish. Ignore it. I'm especially irritated because the first I heard of the injury was in the comments section where the above "speculation" had been boiled down to "Loktionov hurt. Wrist and shoulder." Seriously, if he had a concussion last year, would speculation have been that he's got another concussion now?

It’s a tough situation in general, but compounded by the the potential that he was going to be recalled to Los Angeles soon with Marco Sturm being placed on waivers and thus freeing a roster spot.

If you understand what waivers are, there's little reason to interpret Sturm being waived as a sign that Loktionov was about to be recalled. I understand that everyone is waiting for whatever is about to happen, to happen. But I think it would be a good idea not to try to weave every tidbit we hear into the most dramatic narrative possible.

Sturm has been waived so Lombardi can actually make a f***ing (big) trade if he wants to and the opportunity arises. In a mostly unrelated incident, Loktionov is injured and the coach thinks he'll be out for a couple months. What's the injury? Probably his wrist, since he was holding it. Beyond that, nobody knows anything yet.