A Month of (Kingly) Gratitude

It’s been a long season and we’re only a month into it. Let’s all take a breather.

So, it’s been a pretty long season already, and it’s only November. Injuries to key players, injuries to players looking for breakout years, underperforming special teams, an underperforming team in general ... it’s rough out here for a Kings fan.

We’re all kind of bummed out, and maybe we, the collective group on Kings fans, need something to cheer us up.

Enter: A Month of (Kingly) Gratitude.

November is (American) Thanksgiving, a time when we’re supposed to reflect on what we’re thankful for. So why not extend that to the Kings?

Starting next Monday, we’ll be publishing a post each weekday in the month of November about a current Kings player (or two), along with some reasons we’re thankful for them.

Yes, even the players you yell at every game. Yes, even that guy.

But, well, we all love players for different reasons, right? So that’s where you guys come in.

In the form below, you can share your thoughts on Kings players. There’s space for five players on the form; if there are more than five you want to wax all poetical on, then you should be able to fill the form out multiple times. There’s no limit to the love we’re allowing you to share.

Maybe what you’re really thankful for is Dustin Brown’s leadership. Maybe there’s a particular goal from Trevor Lewis that makes you smile or a fight from Kyle Clifford. Maybe what you’re most thankful for about Jeff Carter is his collection of ridiculous small dogs. Tell us what Kings players you love and why! (And while we’re primarily focusing on current players, if you have extensive feelings on a former King you’d like to share, go ahead.)

For the best chance of your thoughts being included in future posts, please submit your responses by the end of Sunday, November 4.  (Submissions will remain open even while posting is going on, though, so if inspiration strikes, please don’t let a deadline stop you.) If you’re having trouble accessing the form, or just would prefer to send your thoughts via good old-fashioned email, send a message to sarah.jftc@gmail.com.

(And now for the fine print: By filling out this form, you give permission for JFTC to post your responses on the website. You may choose to remain anonymous by omitting your name/nickname from your responses. Answers may be edited for clarity, spelling, and grammar. We reserve the right to choose not to publish submissions that do not fit the loving, thankful spirit of this event.)