A year later, are players still doing this?

On the old blog, I linked to this article about a new skate-sharpening technology. I posted it and proceeded to totally forget about it. Anyone know if this innovation is still "hot"?

New Skate-Sharpening Method Takes Hockey by Storm - NYTimes.com
The technological history of hockey is littered with elaborate ideas that did not pan out, like the Fox network’s glowing puck, the heated skate blade and Cooperalls. But since last November, a simple innovation that costs next to nothing has become popular among N.H.L. professionals and weekend warriors alike: a skate-sharpening method called the flat-bottom V. "It’s been great for me," said Jack Johnson, a defenseman for the Los Angeles Kings and a candidate for the United States Olympic team. "It’s sharper, but at the same time, you can get just as much glide as with the old sharpening, so you get the best of both worlds."