Bernier's Pads Have Shrunk?

I choose not to worry about this, but I pass it along.

Goalies who will suffer from 'form fitting' equipment changes the most - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
Today's focus has been on the league's plans to force goalies to wear "form fitting"/proportional pads next season.[...] It blows my mind a bit that the larger goalies [...] might actually get to wear longer pads [...] As if following up a scorching hot playoff run wasn't tough enough, [Jaroslav Halak,] the relatively short goalie might see a reduction in his pads. He seemed to be strong positionally (as in, not outrageously athletic), so the difference could hurt him more than most. [...] [Henrik] Lundqvist's "massive thigh pads" might be one of the biggest reasons why the changes are being made. [...] Jonathan Bernier's first real NHL season might be a bit tougher considering he's already below the ideal height level for goalies.