Copper and Blue - Great Analysis of Game 6

I have nothing to add. Just going to trim it down a bit here. Follow the link for the whole thing. After the colon, everything is cut/paste from Copper and Blue:

Those Born of God

3. Henrik Sedin - [...] In L.A., they'd been forced to deal with Michal Handzus and Fredrik Modin and hadn't been able to consistently generate chances despite the gaudy boxcars. This game was no different in terms of the match-up [...] but the results were better.

2. Anze Kopitar - I called him out for poor play after last game and he delivered big-time. In previous contests Kopitar and Co. had been having some trouble with Wellwood's group (of all people) but last night they put the boots to them. [...] Kopitar also deserves some major props for coming back into the game after he was injured on a play below the goal-line when he and Kesler caught skates. He very nearly set up the tying goal, but the pass just didn't connect. [...]

1. Roberto Luongo - [...] The save of the game for me was the glove save off of Ryan Smyth, but there were some other dandies mixed in. You kind of knew that Luongo would play at a very high level at least once in the series; unfortunately for the Kings, it came in a game that they actually carried the play.

Those Committing the Sin That Leads to Death

3. Dustin Brown - I know that he drew a penalty but he also took two minors, one of which got the Canucks back into the game. In addition to that, he was on the ice for the next two Canucks' goals as well. The line he had been playing on was effective in checking the Sedins all series... until tonight. [...] I definitely liked the line better when it had Brad Richardson.

2. Michal Handzus - This was by far his weakest game of the series. Whereas in games three and four he'd been dominating the match-up with the Sedins and in game five he rolled over everyone, the he just wasn't up to the task this evening. On top of that, he was one of the main culprits on the winning goal. Doughty directed him specifically over to Daniel Sedin but Handzus decided to leave him alone. A few seconds later, the puck was in the back of the net.

1. Jonathan Quick - With a bullet. This was like watching Jeff Deslauriers. Puck in your crease? Maybe you should argue with your defender about whether or not to cover. Need to play the puck behind the net? May as well kick it. That didn't work out? I guess passing it to the Canucks will be better. Shot from the point with no screen? I guess we'll let the post handle that one. Three goals on fifteen chances isn't necessarily bad, but Quick sure did look bad doing it and the tying goal was pretty weak. It broke my brain all series that Bernier wasn't on the bench. Personally, I would have given Bernier the start last night but even if you were determined to let Quick see it through, what if Quick had gotten hurt? You're stuck with Ersberg. Why wouldn't you have your two best goalies in the line-up at all times? It was a weird decision all series long.

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