Ducks vs Flames: Who Ya Got? [POLL]

The two teams most responsible for LA sitting at home will play in Round 2. Who do you think will win?

Tonight, the Calgary Flames came back in the third period (I know, I'm as surprised as you are) to beat the Vancouver Canucks in Game 6. With that result, the Canucks are heading home, and the Flames will face off against the Anaheim Ducks for the Pacific Division title belt and a spot in the Western Conference Final.

I feel like a poll asking who you all want to win would be pretty lopsided, though I'm personally still holding a grudge against Calgary after the way the Los Angeles Kings' season ended. (Then again, the Kings only won one of five against both the Ducks and the Flames, so be mad at whoever you want.) Let's instead see who you think is going to win this series.

Which team will advance to the Western Conference Final?

Anaheim Ducks194
Calgary Flames146