Google Alert Reveals the Hotness of Scott Parse

Hockey for the Ladies: Western Conference Hottie: Scott Parse (LA Kings)

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: 6'0, 197lbs he's beautifully sized for a "high performance" forward. Forward of what, well I'll leave that for you ladies to decide (or fantasize, or day dream, or how ever you chose to spend your free time, or you time at work for that matter... well, if you're like some of us.... oops, did I say that...) He's of the blond hair and blue eyes persuasion, that we all (well, me at least, and I'm writing, and looking...) love so much, and well, I'm really attached to the highlights.

There is truly not much on this guy's personal life. I don't know why, I would think with his looks, he'd have his own stalker alarm, guard dogs, etc. But I guess he's just an expert at going "under cover". (and yes, in case any of you were wondering, he can join me under my personal cover any time.