If the Kings make the playoffs, who would I like them to play (and not)?

In descending order of preference, from most desirable to least.

  1. San Jose -- Why? Well, there's Rob Blake. There's the Big Choke(s) hanging over their heads. There's the fact that we play well against them. And there's the rivalry.
  2. Chicago -- Cristobal Huet in the playoffs. Expectations. And it would be a great series.
  3. Dallas -- Because they're not very good.
  4. Nashville -- Oh, that would be so boring, and Nashville would be in the playoffs for the first time and riding all that karma which might cancel out our karma. Avoid if possible.
  5. Phoenix -- One of the two teams I'm sort of scared of because they are playing so far over their own heads. And they have a goalie who can steal games.
  6. Colorado -- The other one.
  7. Vancouver -- Because we suck against them. Also: Luongo.
  8. Detroit -- Because of all the powerhouse teams, this one is going to have the biggest chip on its shoulder. Also, revenge for 2001.
  9. Calgary -- We're not only bad against them, but seemingly helpless. And I don't think they will lose in the first round.

If the season were to end today, the Kings (8) would draw Chicago (1). Since the Kings are not likely to finish 1st in the Pacific (though it's possible), it stands to reason -- if they make it -- they will be the 4th-8th seed. This means they are most likely to draw the 1st thru 5th seeds as opponents (they're not going to play against 6, 7 or 8 because they're not going to be the 1-3 seed). This means its more likely the Kings will play CHI, SJS, VAN, CGY or COL, and less likely that they will play NSH, DET, DAL or PHX.

If I had to guess, I would say the Kings will finish 4th and draw Vancouver and it will be a long series.