Jewelcast 2.5A: Thorntoncast

Today we have a doubleheader on deck.

Hello again to all of our fantastic listeners, and to everyone coming here for the first time because you like Derek. We are excited to have you.

Anyway, I told Derek that if the Kings lost to the Sharks in the playoffs, we'd have a special episode of the podcast titled "Thorntoncast." I am really mad at the Los Angeles Kings of California for making me do this. Anyway.

Joe Thornton is wonderful, Dustin Brown is terrible, and we'll be live at 3PM Pacific to talk all about it.

Even better is the fact that we have decided to air a doubleheader today! Later tonight, after the dust from another day of playoff hockey settles, Eric and current Fear the Fin editor and General Good Dude Jake Sundstrom will be live to discuss the next round of the playoffs and the Sharks' next matchup, which is not finalized until, hopefully, 10 PM or so. We'll have more on that later.

Both episodes are going to be a lot of fun. Please tune in. It's gonna be a good time. We'll talk about Milan Lucic or something. As always, you can listen live either below OR on the episode page itself. Then, after it airs, we'll get the podcast on iTunes as soon as possible. Thanks for checking us out!