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[...] The Calgary Sun reported agent Don Meehan, who represents both players, said he had no substantial discussions with the Kings regarding Doughty, but was confident the Lightning intend to re-sign Stamkos to a deal longer than three or four years. It appears both clubs will wait until after the playoffs to resume negotiations with their stars.

Not that I think the Kings are going to win the cup or anything, but can you imagine how much Doughty would cost then?

Detroit Red Wings Vs. Los Angeles Kings, 3/9/11, Kyle's Free NHL Hockey Pick - The Sports Chat Place
The Kings have a pretty good looking roster from top to bottom with good players at key positions all over the ice. However, the character of this team will either make or break them on this road trip as the [sic] have been a lot better on home ice than on the road this season.

This is what happens when you write your preview based on numbers you just looked up on the net, without paying attention to -- for example -- what just happened in January and February.

Tigers put Hitmen out of their misery
Linden Vey scored his WHLleading 43rd and 44th goals of the season as the Tigers (42-17-4-4) strengthened their position in the Eastern Conference standings, moving a point back of second place Red Deer, who were idle.

Vey is first overall in the WHL, with 44 goals, 68 assists, 112 points. Jordan Weal is 6th, with 36-52-88.

European openers likely for Kings " LA Kings Insider
It’s not yet official, but multiple sources have said that the Kings are on track to open next season with games in Germany and Sweden. One scenario — the most likely — has the Kings playing one preseason game, plus the season opener, in Germany, then playing the second game of the season in Stockholm.

Great. The Kings take another bullet for the league.

The Dustin Penner Error - Cult of Hockey
Were we fooled by our negative snap judgements of Penner into under-valuing his worth? Is Dustin Penner a lazy, inconsistent hockey player? That's what one faction of Oilers commentators and fans believe. Or was Penner, before his trade to the Los Angeles Kings earlier this week, the Oilers single most effective forward over the past three seasons? That's the take of a second faction. Indeed, there is such a sharp disagreement that the debate is a defining aspect of Penner's four-season saga in Edmonton: Why did these factions see him in radically different terms? [...] ]The commentators and fans in the pro-Penner camp are tend to be the kind who rate players not by traditional stats and not by our impressions of him, but by alternative stats. For instance, for the past three years I've counted up all the plays where a player has helped the team score a goal and also all the plays where the player had made some mistake on a goal against. By this measure, Penner has been the best Oilers winger by far, having made some play to create 126 goals at even strength and some mistake, or error, on just 46. Overall, he's +80, a testament to his effectiveness and his durability. Next best is Hemsky at +44, and no one else is even close. [...] Others in the pro-Penner faction, such as Derek Zona of the Copper & Blue blog, put a lot of weight in a stat known as Corsi plus/minus, which helps indicate if the Oilers move the puck in the right direction, towards the opposition net, when a particular player is on the ice. For the last three seasons, even as Penner went up against the toughest opposition from other teams, the team spent invariably spent a lot of time in the attacking end when Penner was playing. [...][A]lternative stats played a crucial role in many fans and commentators realizing the real value of Penner. In particular, it helped us set aside negative snap judgements [...]. This is why, for many of us, it was so disheartening to see him traded, especially without a superior player coming back in return. [...] I would have preferred that if the Oilers ascertained for salary cap reasons that they could only keep one strong veteran winger for the next five years, they would have kept Penner over Hemsky.

Get to know your brand new Baron: Colten Teubert | Manchester Monarchs
[...] In December we talked to Colten Teubert’s Mom, Shauna Poppy. [...] We talked to both Shauna and Colten about growing up in British Columbia, making sacrifices for the game and Colten's missing teeth.

Something’s Bruin: What was it like growing up playing hockey in British Columbia?

Colten Teubert: My parents got divorced when I was younger, so I think it was tough on both my mom and my dad. They both stuck [with] it. [...]

SB: So it was definitely a team effort getting you here today.

CT: Yeah, and I’m so happy my mom got the opportunity to come out here. It’s her first time out east and she’s cooked me a couple meals. I haven’t seen her for a while so it’s really good to see her. [...]

SB: I know your wrist was injured, but how’s it feeling now?

CT: It’s been good, it’s been tough throughout the summer. I had two surgeries and I’ve struggled to get back. With my mom being there for support, my dad pushing me, and help from my family and friends I think it’s really helped. I’m just really dedicated to getting back in.

SB: Do you have any siblings?

CT: I have three brothers, my mom has three boys. [...] I also have a half-brother, so it’s all boys in the Teubert family.

SB: Did any of them play hockey as well?

CT: My older brother did but he’s a fishing guideman now. My younger brother used to play, he used to be a little fighter with a Junior "B" team. My younger brother is only six, so he’s just starting to get into hockey. Hopefully he can carry on the name and take it pro.

SB: Do you think your mom gets nervous watching you play?

CT: I’m pretty sure she cried her eyes out when I lost my teeth for the first time, so her nerves aren’t there anymore. She’s used to it since I’ve been away for so long. I’m sure if I were to get into a fight or something would happen, she’d get nervous. She doesn’t really know what’s going [on], she just likes to pretend like she does.

SB: Does she give you any hockey advice?

CT: Never, I don’t think she’s told me one bit of hockey advice. She gives me a lot of life advice, being a good person and she helps me out with some cooking stuff.

SB: Do you think your mom would be good at hockey?

CT: She’s too tiny. She doesn’t like to sweat, either. [...]

SB: Any last things you want to say to her?

CT: I’m just happy she’s been my mom for this long and stuck by me, and really supported me. I’m just really happy to see her.

Something’s Bruin: I wanted to talk to you a bit about being a hockey mom. How was it raising Colten as a hockey player?

Shauna Poppy: Well, Colten is very driven and it was very easy because he thought one way, and that was the hockey way. He could have been sick with the flu but he’d go to the rink. It was never a chore to get him to the hockey rink because he loved it so much.


SB: When he was younger did you ever see him becoming a professional hockey player?

SP: [...] All I knew was that he was tough as nails. If he reached for something he wasn’t supposed to, I’d give him a tap on the hand and he’d look at me and say, "Is that all you got?" [...]

SB: For you as a mother, is it nerve-wracking watching the games?

SP: Nerve-wracking! Yes! I hate it when they fight. [...]

SB: How is his wrist injury doing?

SP: I’m happy that he’s back and he’s very happy that he’s back and able to play. I hope that he stays strong and doesn’t re-injure the wrist. If he plays smart and looks after it, I hope it’s the green light all the way through. It was quite a serious injury to overcome. He had several operations, so it was scary.

SB: Any funny stories about Colten?

SP: He’s just very funny. We know when he’s at home because he’s very loud. We always laugh because the house will be very quiet, but he has this huge presence when he walks through the door. He’s very loud, very happy and very full of life. He’s a happy guy.

SB: Anything else you’d like to say to him?

SP: I think he knows how much I love him. And how much I love that he’s happy doing what he enjoys doing and that’s playing hockey.

Teubert has 2 goals and 1 assist in 3 games for Oklahoma City.