Contract Discussions Between Williams, Kings Ongoing

What would you pay the Kings' most consistent forward, and more importantly, for how long?

We've spent enough time talking about the merits of Justin Williams, so we'll skip the background and cut to the chase...

Yesterday, ESPN's Pierre LeBrun revealed that the Los Angeles Kings have been discussing the possibility of a new contract with Justin Williams.

Williams Contract Talks

The bit about trying to get a deal done quickly is intriguing. If the discussions have been a distraction so far, it isn't showing on the ice; Williams has three goals, three assists, and a 64% Corsi% (at even strength) in his last seven games. To me, it sounds like a negotiating tactic on Campbell's part; would the Kings rather risk Williams walking in the off-season, or lock him up for a little more than they want to to ensure that he stays?

We've seen a consistent pattern in the Kings' negotiations this season. They focused on Jake Muzzin first, and soon after we discovered that they were negotiating, Muzzin signed a long-term deal. Ditto Alec Martinez; a month after the Kings' next contract target became public, the deal got done. It's got an assembly line feel to it, and Williams is apparently next up.

With an increased salary cap ($73 million is the most common estimate) likely to be in place for next season, the Kings certainly have room for Williams. However, is it at the expense of RFAs Tyler Toffoli and Tanner Pearson, or even Kyle Clifford and Jordan Nolan? It almost certainly rules out the possibility of bringing back Jarret Stoll (hi, Nick Shore) and Robyn Regehr (sup, Colin Miller). So there's some delicate ground to tread in deciding on the next deal.

For now, a simple question: how much would you give Justin Williams, and would you be willing to add on a couple extra years to get the deal done? A reminder: his current deal is at a $3.65 million/year cap hit, though his salary only pays him $3.05 million this season. Don't expect a pay cut after a Conn Smythe.

What contract would you be willing to give Justin Williams?

1-2 years, $3-4 million31
1-2 years, $4-5 million32
1-2 years, $5-6 million7
3-4 years, $3-4 million88
3-4 years, $4-5 million54
3-4 years, $5-6 million12
No thanks, let him walk.10