Kings End Of Year Awards

The Kings released their year-end awards as voted by the media and players, and I must say, they're all spot on. I'm not sure how much these awards really mean/entail (perhaps an obligatory hand shake and a small plaque) but it's always nice to get some recognition for your contributions whether they be on the ice or off. Here they are in no particular order.

Voted by the media:

Most Valuable Player ("Bill Libby Memorial Award") - Anze Kopitar
Best Newcomer ("Mark Bavis Memorial Award") - Ryan Smyth
Outstanding Defenseman - Drew Doughty
Defensive Player - Michal Handzus

Voted by the players:

Most Inspirational Player ("Ace Bailey Memorial Awards") - Matt Greene
Unsung Hero - Michal Handzus

Voted by Kings Care Foundation:

Community Service - Dustin Brown

Voted by Kings Booster Club (Who makes up this committee?):

Most Popular Player - Dustin Brown
Leading Scorer - Anze Kopitar (Did this really need a vote?)

So, did you agree or disagree with any of these?