Kings Links - Happy Monday

After a long holiday weekend for our US-based readers, Kings Links are back.

I'm not terribly creative with titles so happy Monday, everyone! The Cup made its way to New York and then went south down to Hamden, CT on Friday and Saturday.

Kings News

LA Kings Insider

PLAYER EVALUATION: MUZZIN The majority of readers gave him a B+. Seriously?? What more do you want from him?? Oh and Rosen's evaluation is outstanding as usual.

DWIGHT KING FILES FOR SALARY ARBITRATION Yes, that's right, everyone's favorite serial killer has decided to go through the legal system instead of just threatening Dean Lombardi. A proud moment, I'm sure.

CLIFFORD RECOVERING FROM SUCCESSFUL WRIST SURGERY Apparently Kyle Clifford had a wrist injury and underwent surgery the same day as his goaltender.

KEEPING UP WITH THE CUP: JULY 6 Featuring an American Hero er I mean the highly esteemed captain.

The Courant

Jonathan Quick Comes Home, Helps A Good Cause The netminder held a private event with Lord Stanley's Cup for the local youth hockey club and donated all proceeds from the event to a charity in memory of his former coach Jason Pagni.

Playoff Moments: #15 Muzz Lightyear Our very own Langluy has had quite the influence. Yes, there is an eyebrows reference on here.


If you live in NJ or if you happen to be anywhere near AC, Mr. Game 7 will be bringing the Cup there in a couple weeks.

In Other News


TSN Original: After Mathieu A touching video about the man who started a hockey school in Lac Megantic and how the community has chosen to honor his memory following the terrible tragedy a year ago.


Orpik, Niskanen, Joe Morgan and the Engine Room Quite a long piece on Brooks Orpik and the Washington Capitals, but it's an interesting look at how hockey analytics hasn't quite caught up with the game yet (using baseball as a reference). Tyler Dellow seems to be suggesting that the forms of analytics in its current stage is still too incomplete to properly evaluate how/why a specific player is good or bad.

Sporting News

NHL advanced stats: Who drives the bus for Western Conference defensemen? Spoiler alert: Jake Muzzin and Alec Martinez are really good play drivers. There are other really good players named in this article, too.