Kings Links: More on the Call-Ups! But What of the Wounded?

Plus: Ben Scrivens takes the reins, Vey's ice time increases, Mark Morris hits a milestone, and Hudson Fasching keeps rolling.

So much happening! We need... a links post!

Everyone's Injured! Kings News

  • In case you somehow missed it, the Kings made two call-ups today: goaltender Martin Jones will back up Ben Scrivens until Jonathan Quick returns, while left winger Tanner Pearson is presumably covering for the injured Kyle Clifford.

    [UPDATE: They made it to the team hotel! And Jim Fox tweeted a fantastic picture.]
  • Pearson_jones_medium

  • Now, updates on all the injuries which made today possible:
  1. Jonathan Quick: It's a groin or a hamstring injury. He'll have an MRI. [NHL]
  2. Jeff Carter: He was wearing a boot for a good reason: broken foot, as per Darryl Sutter. [LA Kings Insider]
  3. Matt Greene: He's headed to long term injured reserve. Upper-body injury... BUT WHERE?! [Kings]
  4. Kyle Clifford: It's injured reserve for his upper-body injury as well, though he's not eligible for the long-term deal. [Kings]
  5. Jarret Stoll: Skating! But not in any line, as of yet. Looks like Linden will veyntain his lineup spot for now.
  • What, you want to know more about Pearson and Jones? Thank you, Top 25 Under 25. And yes, Jones has indeed been impressive since we wrote about him. [Pearson] [Jones]
  • Jon Rosen has quotes from Darryl Sutter on all of this, including the Jeff Carter money quote. [LA Kings Insider]/

And Mayor's Manor has a lengthy list of quotes from Martin Jones as he gets his first call from the big club. [Mayor's Manor]
Hey, Not Everyone's Injured! Kings/Prospects News

  • Earlier today, Manchester Monarchs coach Mark Morris became the first coach EVER with 300 NCAA wins and 300 professional wins. Big congrats to him. Fun note: half of the Kings' 2012 Cup team was coached by Morris at some point. [Manchester Monarchs]
  • We tweeted out a link this morning, but this article from SB Nation's college hockey blog is definitely worth a read. They take a look at Minnesota's incredibly productive freshman class, including Kings' fourth-rounder Hudson Fasching. [SBN College Puck]
  • How should we feel about Ben Scrivens taking the reins in net? Pension Plan Puppets wrote an article back in June with a good breakdown of Scrivens' performance from before this season. [PPP]
  • Just as a refresher: Scrivens has made two starts this season: a shutout win over Florida and a 3-1 loss to Phoenix.
  • Jason Lewis at Hockey Buzz took a good look at how the ice time of the Kings' centers was affected by the presence of Colin Fraser and then Linden Vey. Worth noting: Vey got a whopping 17:29 of ice time on Tuesday night, while Fraser got 12:31. [Hockey Buzz]

Around the League News

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