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What a frustrating end to the game last night but as Sutter says, "Park and ride."

The Los Angeles Kings did pretty well for themselves and stole a point from Philadelphia. They had the potential to get the second one, but as Darryl Sutter intones, "Park and ride." The Kings are now in the steel city where Pittsburgh just throttled their opponent 8-3. This could uh get messy.

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LA Kings Insider

OCTOBER 29 POSTGAME NOTES Facts and figures from last night's game. Another good reminder of how awful this team used to be.

WAKING UP WITH THE KINGS Controversy! It happens. Also, the Kings didn't look like themselves in the first 20 minutes, though Rosen notes (kinda) that eventually they got there.

Hockey's Future

Los Angeles Kings have greatest depth in areas of need Jason Lewis looks at the Kings' top prospects and offers insight as to management's expectations of them. And I think he mentions a couple people I may have left out of my big, long prospect post.

Mayor's Manor

Blake and Murray on MM rankings and Kings top prospects Hoven chatted with AGM Rob Blake and Glen Murray about a couple of LA's top prospects.


So this whole salary cap, injury thing is overly complicated (big shock, NHL), primarily due to Slava Voynov's cap hit. Regardless of your feelings towards him and his alleged actions, it makes it worse for the team as they're currently suffering a rash of injuries.

Although regarding that question of the bonus...

But we still might not necessarily see Jordan Weal come up. Because um... reasons, I guess? So it might be time to say hello to umm... Shoot... What's his name again?

In Other News


Gordie Howe suffers serious stroke Sad news about the hockey legend. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Sporting News

How historically bad was Sabres' 10-shot night? Spoiler alert, it was really bad.

Puck Daddy

Boston Bruins go as Elsa, Anna and ‘Frozen’ folks for Halloween hospital visit (Photos) In keeping with the annual tradition, these photos are pretty awesome.


The NHL’s Hit Parade: Classic Takedowns That Went Unpunished With the nearly unprecedented period of peace broken, Sean McIndoe looks back at the most ridiculously dirty clean hits in NHL history.

Globe and Mail

Listless Leafs appear to be adrift already The Buffalo Sabres stink but at least they have a plan--tank for Connor McDavid. The Toronto Maple Leafs seem to waver between being "on" and "what's going on??" because they they don't really seem to have a game plan in mind according to James Mirtle. (This was written before the routing of Buffalo but still applies.)

Outrunning depression: Exploring the link between body and mind It's not directly hockey related, but Ben Scrivens tweeted the link since he's trying to help raise awareness about mental health issues. If you don't know about his masks yet, click here. The article is a good read about the effect of exercise on depression.