Monday Kings Links: Doan's list of offers grows, Dwight King re-signs, Penner's Chirping School

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Let's have some Dustin Penner sarcasm to cheer up after the jump.

Dustin Penner's School of Chirp

Conan O'Brien got burned on his second attempt to diss the Kings. This time, Dustin Penner did the honors. So is there a serious feud between our generation's two great comedic minds right now? Uhh, no. As Penner explained to Colin Hanks: "It's not fighting when it's comedy."

Still, Coco fanboys and girls took to their smartphones to let Mr. Pancakes know that he once had a back injury, and that was not funny! So he held a little Chirping School to knock a few of 'em down and explain the ins and outs of trash talk along the way.

Words to live by.

Final questions for you:

1. What do you think about the Dwight King contract? What do you hope for him next season?

2. Do you want the Kings to drop out of the running for Doan? Or do you think he'd take less to play here?

3. Should we free Jonathan Bernier...or just give him more than 13 starts?