Need Positives; Canucks 6, Kings 4

After a heart breaker last night, the series is now tied 2-2 with the Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks headed back to BC. There were plenty of frustrating aspects in the game, but in these instances, there have to be positives to latch on to in order to make the last three games ones to look forward to. Myself? I'm staying positive because there were times in the regular season where the Kings faltered in the third period, but they were always able to get their play back on track in subsequent games. I see last night as one of those nights; the Kings brought it in the first two periods but just could not separate themselves from the Canucks on the scoreboard. Not completely uncharacteristically, the third period was their definite downfall as Vancouver scored four times (with one empty netter).

When I got home from the game, I was so down I didn't know what to write. The arena was jumping, once again, there was a ton going on on the ice, and it was flooding through my memory bank all at once. But I will say that this is FAR from over. There are still three games left in this series, which means the Kings have three more chances to get back to working on the same page. A definite positive was that the Kings' power play is still ticking along. Last night wasn't a 3 for 3 output like Game 3 was, but it was still efficient. By the way, this too many men penalty is sure getting old.

Tell me what you thought! How did the Kings look?


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Interestingly enough, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was at STAPLES Center. He sat down with the Kings for a pre-game interview. I have yet to view this in its entirety, so when I do, I'll let you know what I think. My initial thought is, "Please check your sound before starting the interview."

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