NHL All-Star Skills Competition Results: Team Doughty/Kopitar/Sutter Triumphs

That doesn't mean they scored in the shootout, though. Don't be silly.

The skills competition is a chance for the NHL's best to show off some individual talents before the actual game. After speeding through the Fastest Skater portion and slogging through the Breakaway Challenge, we finally got to see Anze Kopitar and Drew Doughty show off their skills. For Kopitar, that meant picture-perfect passing; for Doughty, that meant spinning and shooting.

After setting up teammates during the accuracy competition, Kopitar proceeded to boss the mini-net challenge; after John Tavares needed his full 45 seconds to pass pucks over a tiny barrier into four small, faraway nets, Kopitar hit his four nets in about 20 seconds. Before that, Doughty had kicked off the one-timer portion of the relay by missing high-and-wide (oops), then making his next two shots. Low-quality recap:

Doughty got to do the puck control portion of the second round, which essentially resulted in him spinning around a lot. The shootout, however, didn't go so well for the two Los Angeles Kings. Each of them got one attempt. Each of them missed, and neither came particularly close. Judging by Doughty's reactions throughout the day, I doubt he was too disappointed.

Team Foligno dominated the proceedings until the extended shootout portion, when Kopitar and Doughty appeared to infect their teammates with shootout ineptitude. Must've been a combination of Kopitar's leadership, Doughty's drafting, Darryl Sutter's coaching, and Chris Sutter's pregame tips.

Here are the full results of the entire competition:

Fastest Skater

Skater Time
1. P. Kessel 13.596
2. J. Drouin 13.103
3. J. Sekac 13.683
4. Z. Girgensons 14.101
Skater Time
1. T. Seguin 13.631
2. M. Hoffman 13.163
3. A. Ekblad 14.048
4. V. Tarasenko 14.386

Score after event: Foligno 5, Toews 0.

Breakaway Challenge

Shooter Fan vote %
1. A. Ovechkin n/a
2. C. Giroux n/a
3. R. Johansen n/a
Goalie: B. Elliott
1. V. Tarasenko n/a
2. J. Voracek n/a
3. J. Gaudreau n/a
Goalie: C. Crawford
Winner: R. Johansen

Score after event: Foligno 6, Toews 0.

Accuracy Shooting

Shooter Total Time Shooter Total Time
1. B. Ryan 30.914 1. R. Getzlaf 14.105
2. N. Foligno 13.674 2. P. Bergeron 17.038
3. R. Vrbata 22.141 3. J. Tavares 26.122
4. P. Kane 13.529 4. J. Toews 16.307
Passer Passer
1. R. Nugent-Hopkins --- 1. R. Nash ---
2. A. Kopitar --- 2. P. Elias ---
Winner: Patrick Kane

Score after event: Foligno 10, Toews 1.

Skills Challenge Relay

Skater Skill/Position Skater
D. Doughty One-timer (RH) S. Weber
R. Johansen One-timer (RH) J. Faulk
S. Stamkos One-timer (RH) T. Seguin
B. Burns One-timer (Pass) R. Getzlaf
A. Kopitar Mini net passer J. Tavares
K. Shattenkirk Puck control J. Gaudreau
P. Kane Stick handling M. Hoffman
C. Price Goalie goals J. Halak
Total time: 1:37.979 Total time: 2:06.262
Skater Skill/Position Skater
Z. Girgensons One-timer (LH) M. Giordano
D. Keith One-timer (LH) R. Suter
N. Foligno One-timer (LH) J. Voracek
J. Sekac One-timer (Pass) P. Bergeron
R. Nugent-Hopkins Mini net passer T. Johnson *
D. Doughty Puck control V. Tarasenko
O. Ekman-Larsson Stick handling F. Forsberg
M. Fleury Goalie Goals R. Luongo

Total time: 2:19.793
Total time: 1:38.789

Score after event: Foligno 12, Toews 2.

Hardest Shot

Shooter MPH Shooter MPH
1. A. Ovechkin 101.4 1. B. Seabrook 98.6
2. B. Burns 97.6 2. A. Ekblad 95.3
3. S. Stamkos 98.8 3. J. Faulk 95
4. D. Byfuglien 97.3 4. S. Weber 108.5

Winner: Shea Weber

Score after event: Foligno 15, Toews 4.


Team Foligno Team Toews
Skater Goal/Save/Miss Skater Goal/Save/Miss
A. Ovechkin Save, Goal P. Bergeron Save, Save
K. Shattenkirk Save, Miss M. Hoffman Goal, Save
P. Kane Save T. Seguin Goal
D. Byfuglien Goal A. Ekblad Goal
Z. Girgensons Save S. Weber Goal
N. Foligno Save V. Tarasenko Save
R. Nugent-Hopkins Save R. Suter Save
Goalie: B. Elliott --- Goalie: J. Halak ---
Skater Goal/Save/Miss Skater Goal/Save/Miss
J. Drouin Save, Goal J. Faulk Save, Save
O. Ekman-Larsson Goal, Goal J. Gaudreau Save, Save
B. Burns Save, Goal J. Tavares Save, Save
J. Sekac Save B. Seabrook Goal
D. Keith Save P. Elias Miss
A. Kopitar Save R. Nash Goal
R. Vrbata Save M. Giordano Save
Goalie: M. Fleury --- Goalie: R. Luongo ---
Skater Goal/Save/Miss Skater Goal/Save/Miss
B. Ryan Save, Miss R. Getzlaf Save, Goal
P. Kessel Goal, Save J. Tavares Goal, Save
R. Johansen Save J. Toews Save, Goal
D. Doughty Save F. Forsberg Goal
S. Stamkos Goal T. Seguin Goal
C. Giroux Save J. Voracek Save
N. Foligno Save R. Nash Save
Goalie: C. Price --- Goalie: C. Crawford ---