Nolov Molov Frolov

Alex Frolov's underwhelming season ends in injury for Rangers - Puck Daddy - NHL - Yahoo! Sports

Alex Frolov signed a 1-year, $3 million deal with the New York Rangers to rehabilitate his image after his production dropped by 13 goals year-to-year with the Los Angeles Kings. The Rangers signed him to juice their offense on the wing and provide able support to Marian Gaborik. As none of this had happened in 43 games, the end of Frolov's season due to a torn ACL will probably fail to inspire any candlelight vigils in Times Square from Rangers fans. [...] Frolov has registered seven goals and nine assists for 16 points, along with eight penalty minutes in 43 games this season. That put Frolov on pace for a stellar 13-goal season. Criticism of Frolov began by the end of October, with some saying he squandered his talent and others saying he was simply lazy. He began to bounce around the lineup like a Super Happy Fun Ball.

I am kinda surprised he didn't turn it around in New York and send Kings fandom into fits of self-flagellation. I guess I have to add myself to the (long) list of people who don't understand the Fro. I don't think he's lazy. I don't think he's stupid or arrogant either. But he frequently has the slightly stunned look of someone who doesn't understand what just happened, usually accompanied by an ambiguous know, like right after a crucial loss-causing turn-over or missed assignment. People used to say that smile was attitude, or obliviousness. I always wondered if it wasn't anxiety.

I don't know. But I still like him. And I hope he doesn't go to the KHL.

Alexander Frolov Ultimate Highlight Video (via leftkinger)